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aka Sol V
Orbit: 5.20 a.u. Mass: 337.1 e.s.
Atmo: Super Thick Radius: 11.2 e.s.
Temp: -143° c Gravity: 2.68 g.
Weather: Class 8 Day: 0.40 days
Tectonics: None Tilt:
Gas Giant
Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto
File:Jupiter and moons.png
Jupiter and its moons

Jupiter, the fifth planet in the Sol system, is a Gas Giant and is the largest planetary body in that solar system. The planet's most characteristic feature, the Great Red Spot, is clearly visible from orbit. Of Jupiter's many moons, only the four Galilean moons are explorable with a Planet Lander. The Spathi contingent of the Earthguard briefly relocated to the moon Ganymede, deciding that their previous outpost on Mars was still too close to those sneaky Humans.

The following are the explorable moons of Jupiter, from inner to outermost orbit: