Ilwrath-Pkunk war

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Ilrwath-Pkunk War

Ilwrath and Pkunk ships
Duration unknown, probably several years
Location Pkunk space (approx 052.2 : 052.5)
Result Both sides withdraw.
Ilwrath Pkunk

The Ilwrath-Pkunk War is a non-canonical term to refer to the conflict between the Ilwrath and Pkunk. Fighting was well underway as of February 2155 and had already claimed the lives of two-thirds of the Pkunk population. It is more of a genocide than a war.

The Ilwrath were Battle Thralls who were ordered by their gods Dogar and Kazon to attack the neighbouring Pkunk, a peaceful and unaffiliated race who never formed a negative opinion of their aggressors.

The war dissipates to an end when the Pkunk migrate to Yehat space. Additionally, the conditional Ilwrath-Thraddash war will remove the Ilwrath fleet from Pkunk space.