I. Burton

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I. Burton was the Captain of the Earthling Cruiser Tobermoon during the final years of the Ur-Quan Slave War. It was her decision to disobey the order to evacuate the Vela scientific expedition on Unzervalt and to not destroy the Precursor base there. She ordered her First Officer and fiancé, Commander Chi, to return to Earth on the Tobermoon to inform Star Control of her decision.

Twenty years later, on her return trip to Earth as Captain of The Flagship, the Tobermoon was discovered drifting derelict in Vela's Oort cloud. No remains of the crew nor of First Officer Chi were found. Burton resumed command of the Tobermoon and placed The Captain in command of The Flagship.

She was killed in an attack by a Slylandro Probe before the Tobermoon and The Flagship reached Earth.