Hyperspace Navigation

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Hyperspace Navigation

The Faster-Than-Light (FTL) technology used by Star Control and the aliens of the region is called HyperSpace. In HyperSpace, the captain can rapidly travel to other star systems or intercept other ships also traveling through hyperspace. Travelling through HyperSpace still consumes fuel, and players can upgrade their HyperSpace Drive to allow for more rapid movement throughout the galaxy.

Galaxy Map

The Galaxy Map can be viewed to see all the Star Systems and their names throughout the local region of space and be used as reference for navigation. Many clusters of stars are linked together within a perimeter represented by a unique color, this depicts a region of Stars that make up the homeworld of an alien race.


Selecting a location on the Galaxy Map or a reference in the Captain's Log will give the option to deploy auto pilot which automatically flies the ship towards the target destination without the need of manual input. Players can also adjust time dilation to speed up the time it takes to travel large distances in HyperSpace. However, the command ship can still be approached by enemies while in Autopilot.

Precursor Starbases

The only known permanent structures within HyperSpace are the mysterious Precursor Starbases. The captain can land on the Precursor Starbases to refuel, upgrade the Command Ship, and use the HyperGate network to rapidly transit to any other Starbase in the region. The use of HyperGates allows for travelling between vast distances that would otherwise be impossible or laborious.