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Humans, also known as Earthlings or Terrans, are the youngest spacefaring species in this sector of the galaxy and are threatened by the tyrannical rule of the Scryve Empire who wish to exterminate them.

Humanity formed the Star Control program to discover the fate of the missing Lexites who left Earth and embarked into the stars 5 years ago. Humanity has not yet discovered hyperspace capabilities and alien translations, making them reliant on the Tywom for crucial technologies.



Society and Culture


They start out with the Sol system, the location of their homeworld, Earth.

Relations with other species






Command Ship

The Command Ship is humanity's prototype exploration vessel. With help from the Tywom it gains the capability to enter hyperspace, the first human ship to do so.

Terran Cruiser

Terran Cruiser

The Terran Cruiser is primitive compared to alien equivalents, and yet still effective in combat. While lacking the mobility or durability of other ships, the Earthing Cruiser is equipped with powerful heat seeking Nuclear Missiles left over from the Cold War. The Cruiser's secondary weapon is a short range point-defense laser system that is able to intercept approaching projectiles, asteroid, or other object within close proximity to the Earthling ship. The Point Defense Lasers offers excellent defensive capabilities, but is heavy on battery energy which leaves the Cruiser unable to fire.

Notable Members