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The Gloosh are a secretive and fearful species of sloth like tree-dwelling cephalopods. They are quite lazy and live in hiding in the Persei Rex system.


The Gloosh are an interesting species, being aboreal cephalopods they likely had aquatic roots but at some point learned to climb trees. They are primarily herbivorous, feasting on leaves while using as little energy as possible, making them quite similar to Earth's sloths. They are also opportunistically insectivorous as they will eat flying insects when they come close to their mouths. Their diet does not provide them with much energy so they try to conserve whenever possible. Gloosh children's organs are said to be "tastiest", it is unknown how the Gloosh know this as they claim to not be cannibalistic.


The Gloosh lived on the planet Noma until they were visited by a small hairy alien species known as the Crhrtany. The Crhtany were inexperienced with making contact with new species however and spread their diseases to the Gloosh, killing many and destroying their planet's forests. The Crhtany took pity on the Gloosh and gave them ships, leading them to a new planet, Annwn. However they were sadly wiped out by an unknown force, leaving the Gloosh alone. The Gloosh soon discovered powerful cloaking technology on a nearby world and used it to hide their ships, protecting them from the predators they feared.

After some coercing from the Captain (who had learned of the Gloosh from the enigmatic Arilou) and a scare with the Lexites, the Gloosh reluctantly became allies with humanity.

Society and Culture

The Gloosh are prey, they know this, and hate this. They are afraid of nearly every being they encounter. They did not have much in the way of society before the arrival of Crhrtany, as the Gloosh hate effort. They often lack the motivation to do the most basic of tasks, even climbing branches is considered too much effort. They place a lot of emphasis on their dangling and flopping, stating that it is their way of existence.


The Gloosh have no area of influence. They are only found in one star system, Persei Rex. However there is one Gloosh cartographer found in the far-off system of Kapteyn's Star, as well as Gloosh patrons at the bar in the same system. Which would suggest they aren't completely averse to exploration.

Relations with other species

The Gloosh are largely unaware of most of the surrounding species due to their isolation. The Gloosh consider all other beings potential predators. They acknowledge that there are exceptions to this, but believe that it takes too much effort to bother accounting for.


The Crhtany were the only species the Gloosh were not afraid of. This was likely due to them being similar to the Gloosh in nature, "dangling" as they do. The Gloosh considered the Crhtany disgusting to look at however.



Gloosh Dangler

The primary Gloosh vessel, the Gloosh Dangler, was originally given to them by the Crhtany like all their other ships. They mostly pilot themselves.

It has a Focal Laser, which fires two intersecting explosive lasers. The ship can also fire De-energizer Bolts, which can stop a ship in its tracks, making them a much easier target for the slow to react Gloosh. While not used in combat, the Gloosh could use powerful cloaking tech to make their ships undetectable. Other ship models include: Wobblers, Wigglers and Luggers.