Gamma Serpentis I

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Gamma Serpentis I

Yehat Homeworld
Orbit: 1.06 a.u. Mass: 0.61 e.s.
Atmo: 1.50 atm Radius: 0.84 e.s.
Temp: 16° c Gravity: 0.86 g.
Weather: Class 4 Day: 0.62 days
Tectonics: Class 4 Tilt:
Water World
1 satellite (a)

Gamma Serpentis I is the homeworld of the Yehat, and the location of the Queen's High Perch, Caer Zeep-Reep. The arboreal Yehat and their civilization arose from the island forests of this Water World. The planet has also been the home to larger and more agile life-forms with which the early Yehat competed for food and habitat, forcing the Yehat to evolve a unique and highly developed central nervous system. The home star system itself is apparently hidden within an "energized nebula" that allowed the Yehat a degree of safety during the events of the Ur-Quan Slave War.1

Being the location of the High Perch of Caer Zeep-Reep, this planet is naturally the center of Yehat politics. However, in the years during and following the Ur-Quan Slave War, the Yehat political structure became much more centralized to this world. The Veep-Neep Queen during this time removed the Starship Clans from their traditional advisor roles, replacing them with nobles from the homeworld, whom the Starship Clans refer to as "Homeworld dandies." Indeed, should The Captain instigate the Yehat Rebellion, the homeworld remains a stronghold of the Yehat Royalists until the very end of the conflict.

Notes and references

1From the Star Control PC manual (pg 26): "Yehats operate out of energized nebula which Dreadnoughts have rarely entered...The Terminators’ shield derives from the race’s electronebular origins." Also from the Sega campaign scenario The Nebula: "After an exhaustive search, Ur-Quan spies have discovered the nebula which holds the secret homeworlds of the Yehat."; note that this nebula is not represented in the game.