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The Fuel in Star Control II is used for traveling in HyperSpace, entering QuasiSpace, and for planetary expeditions.

In HyperSpace, one unit of fuel is used for every 10 distance units traveled. The Warp Escape Unit on The Flagship also uses 5 units of fuel each time it is used.

Using the Portal Spawner to enter QuasiSpace costs 10 units of fuel. Travel within QuasiSpace, however, costs none at all.

The amount of fuel required for planetary expeditions is twice the surface gravity, but never more than 3 units.

Acquiring Fuel

Fuel can be obtained in these ways:

  • 1 unit per 20 Resource units at the Earth Starbase.
  • 1 unit per Interstar Credit at a Melnorme trader.
  • 10 units per 10 crew members at Zeta Persei I, the Druuge/Crimson Corporation trade world.
  • If you are out of fuel in HyperSpace, a Melnorme ship will arrive to sell you fuel. They buy ship modules if you lack Credits (at a cost of 50 RU worth equipment per 1 unit of fuel), but give you fuel for free if you do not have easily removable modules. While out of fuel, there is a 30% chance of a Melnorme ship coming to your aid every day. A HyperWave Broadcaster can also be used to instantly summon a Melnorme ship.
  • If you are on the mission to find radioactives for the Earth Starbase, or to figure out what is going on on the moon base, Commander Hayes will give you 5 units of fuel for free, if you have less than 2 units left.