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Fred Ford is the Lead Programmer and cofounder of Toys For Bob. He programmed Star Control and Star Control II and took part in their design, with Paul Reiche III. He has experience with both PC and console programming.

Released games

This table shows the released games Fred Ford worked on, except for the Toys For Bob games. See the page for Toys For Bob for the latter.

Note: the list of platforms may not be complete, and it is possible that Fred Ford did not work on specific releases.
Game Release date Publisher Genre Platform Notes
Pillbox 1983 Magicsoft MSX (others?)
Ground Support ? Magicsoft
Sea Bomber ? Magicsoft
Submarine ? Magicsoft
Archon Ultra 1994 Strategic Simulations Inc. Action/Strategy PC (DOS) with John Freeman, Anne Westfall, Paul Reiche III, and Dan Hite
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