Fallow Slave

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A Fallow Slave species is a species which, after being defeated by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, have accepted its Oath of Fealty and have been encased forever on a world beneath an impenetrable force field known as a Slave Shield. Under the Ur-Quan's Path of Now and Forever, the alternative would have been to join the Hierarchy as a Battle Thrall.

The Faz were the first to suffer this fate.

All the known slave-shielded species have been contained on a single world, typically their homeworld. Nevertheless, it is possible that there are species slave-shielded on more than one world; after discovering the Unzervalt colony, it has been slave-shielded seperately, despite the statement from the Ur-Quan, later repeated by Starbase Commander Hayes, that all materials or personnel left off-world after the shielding would be destroyed.

Slave Shielded Species

These species are known to be slave shielded by the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za. There must be many more as there are supposed to be thousands of conquered worlds.

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