Expand Earth's influence

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Expand Earth's influence

Return to Quests
After gaining a few allies the Captain is requested to visit Star Control headquarters.

This isn't tracked in Objectives.


Received from Commander Skyla after being asked to return.


  1. Discovered potential colony sites.
    • Epsilon Trireme I
    • P3X-411 in Sirius A
    • Ebru in Ross 154
  2. Brought a hyperdrive to the starbase. Acceptable hyperdrives are:
    • Enforcer Drive
    • Possibly Stolen Hyperdrive
    • Overdrive
  3. Brought 10 units of Francium per delivered hyperdrive.


  • After one delivery is made Terran Cruisers are available for construction.
  • After some time has passed the planets will be colonized and Earth's area of influence will expand.
  • The colonies give rewards when visiting them:
    • Epsilon Trireme I: Flanking Nuke, unlocks Terran Scout for construction, gives five units of that ship type.
    • P3X-411 in Sirius A: gives choice between Fleet Deflector, Fleet Accelerator Mark II, or Fleet Weapon Amplifier Mark II.
    • Ebru in Ross 154: unlocks Terran Cruiser Mark II for purchase. Gives choice between Lander components: Heat Shield Mark III, Corrosion Protection Mark II, Atmospheric Stabilizers Mark II, Lander Armor Mark II.