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The Drenkend are a species of basically sapient tanks, shock troops who are fiercely loyal to their masters, the Scryve. The Drenkend are not necessarily dumb, just extremely easy to lead astray. Obviously the result of genetic engineering, it seems likely they have also been implanted with a need, even a compulsion, to unfailingly obey orders, no matter how ill advised they are.


Drenkend are large and imposing, they posses a mammalian appearance with two muscular arms. They posses tank treads instead of legs and perhaps other cybernetic modifications to make them better fighters. They also only possess two ears (depsite their best effots).

They no longer reproduce naturally, but are instead cloned by Scryve created machines.

They are classified by The Measured as a level A2 sentient species. However, prior to genetic modifications they were classified as level A8.


Society and Culture

Thanks to the Scryve interfering, virtually all traces of the Drenkend's original culture are gone and they only exit to serve as living weapons. But this doesn't mean they don't have any culture, they engage in fist fights, dangerous sports and even dating. One at the bar in the Kapteyn's Star system even attempts karaoke.


Relations with other species


The Scryve are the Drenkend's masters, and the Drenkend are engineered to follow any order the Scryve give them. The Scryve care nothing for the Drenkend's survival, designating them as "battle fodder" and ordering them to use suicidal tactics to win fights. Often, the Scryve themselves don't give the orders, having The Measured do it in their place. The Drenkend show signs of not liking many Scryve orders, but follow them exactly. The Scryve apparently predicted that others would attempt to trick the Drenkend into attacking them, thus gave the Drenkend specific orders to never fight them. Despite this, after the Scryve were forced to retreat by the opening of the Origin and the return of the Xraki, the Drenkend, now without orders were able to overcome their programming and gave themselves orders to fight with the Scryve.




Drenkend Carrier

Drenkend Carrier

The Drenkend Carrier exemplifies everything that makes the Drenkend such terrifying opponents: their ability to throw lots and lots of bodies at a problem. Absolutely crammed with Drenkend just itching to fight, the Drenkend Carrier is capable of launching an almost infinite number of boarding craft to ruin an enemy's day. To support their day-ruining efforts, the Carrier also can fire a De-Energizing Bolt, capable of slowing an enemy vessel down long enough for the boarding parties to do their worst.