Command Ship

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Command Ship
Humanity's first deep space exploration spaceship.

The Command Ship is humanity's first prototype, interstellar starship with a mission to save the world. The Command Ship is versatile and can be customized to fill a number of specialized tasks via many ship upgrades that improve aspects such as mobility, combat capabilities, storage and other abilities.


The more important members of the crew, the ones that have actual names.


The Command Ship has three resources that need to be managed:


Crew functions as the Command Ship's health, if all crew are lost then the ship is destroyed. Crew can be lost by flying into hazards such as Stars, losing Landers on planet exploration or by deploying the Command Ship in Fleet Battles. The captain will have to fly back to Star Control base in Sol in order to recruit more crew, and Crew Quarters upgrades can allow for additional crew storage.


Fuel is exhausted whenever the Command Ship traverses through Star Systems or through Hyperspace. Fuel can be purchased through Precursor Starbases, Star Control and from many aliens.

If fuel is completely depleted the Command Ship will be immobile. Salvation will come, but at a steep price.


Storage determines how much resources can be held from exploring planets and collecting resources with Landers. If storage is filled, no additional resources can be collected until they are sold off.


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The Command Ship can be outfitted with a variety of modules.


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The Command Ship doesn't have to journey alone. There are plenty of ships that can be found to join it on its voyages.