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ComSim Central
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Type: combat simulator
Status: unknown

During the Ur-Quan Slave War, ComSim Central (combat simulator central) allowed newly commissioned Alliance officers to practice their space combat skills in a "full-sensory simulation," and contained a databank on all Alliance and Hierarchy ships. The simulation also allowed Alliance brass to evaluate the competency of new pilots in a non-lethal situation. Additionally, the databank contained images of all ships, identifying their weapons and systems, as well as the ships' relevant characteristics, such as crew, fuel, thrust, etc.

In Star Control I, ComSim Central is essentially Practice mode. Selecting a ship in Practice mode for combat is done with the Fire key, while the databank images are accessed by selecting a ship with the Special key. The diagrams themselves were loaded in steps - first the ship's drawing, then, one by one, the names of the systems. At the end, a box appeared giving ratings for the ship's crew, fuel, fuel regeneration ("refuel"), thrust, turn, speed, range and damage. Many of the canon names of the ships' weapons and systems are found here.

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