Clone Revolt

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The Clone Revolt was an event on Earth in the spring 2085.

The Androsynth, numbering tens of thousands and spread across the globe since 2070, broke away from their physically and mentally weaker Human creators and masters and disappeared to parts unknown. Leading up to the actual revolt, Androsynth working at spaceflight facilities across Earth had prepped several thousand spaceships for the exodus.

The beginning of the uprising was well orchestrated. Within a day's time, every spaceflight facility on the planet was taken over by the Androsynth, aided by a number of underground Human sympathizers. Aboard thousands of stolen spacecraft, the entire Androsynth population was evacuated. Two days later, the clones had captured every off-world base, both in Earth's orbit and on its satellite, Luna.

For two months, the Androsynth rebels, with the help of their huge MASER weaponry improvised from energy broadcast units, held off attempt after attempt by the newly founded United Nations space military force, Star Control, to retake the bases. Meanwhile, the Androsynth were outfitting eight of the space-stations, including the recently constructed StarLight Hilton, for interstellar flight. Before Star Control had a chance to resort to Peace Vault weapons, the new Androsynth fleet left Earth orbit with high speed.

The Human military fleet was too slow to catch the rebels, but an unarmed ten-thruster ore freighter returning from a Titanium mining operation in the Asteroid Belt was able to make a high-V interception on the Androsynth fleet, witnessing their transition to HyperSpace in what the pilot termed a "great red hole" with a diameter of over 500 metres.