Burvixese HyperWave Broadcaster

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The Burvixese HyperWave Broadcaster is the name usually given to the HyperWave Broadcaster found on the moon of Arcturus I. The name is actually a misnomer as the device is not of Burvixese origin. The extremely powerful HyperWave transmitter was constructed by the Druuge in a desperate effort to save themselves from destruction by the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah shortly before the second Doctrinal Conflict. The Druuge had blanketed their region of space with HyperWave transmissions advertising their items of trade, thus making themselves a prime target for the rapidly approaching Kohr-Ah fleet.

Luckily for the Druuge, the neighboring Burvixese, a kind and altruistic race, had been in communication with the Gg race, first to be destroyed by the approaching Kohr-Ah. They offered the Druuge the Gg's intelligence data on the Kohr-Ah, including the Kohr-Ah's choice of the Druuge as their next target, as an act of goodwill. The amoral Druuge chose to shut down all HyperWave transmissions and to erect an extremely powerful HyperWave Caster, in secret, on the Burvixese homeworld's satellite, pointed directly antispinward, toward the oncoming Kohr-Ah fleet, tricking them into changing targets. By the time the Burvixese discovered this ruse, it was too late, and the Kohr-Ah homed directly in on them and destroyed them, allowing the Druuge to escape unscathed.

Though crude in comparison to Alliance technology, the transmitter has a great deal more power and range than a standard Alliance transmitter. It is capable of reaching ships traveling nearby through HyperSpace, and penetrating thick barriers of matter and energy that block normal transmitters, even to the point of broadcasting, very faintly, through a Kzer-Za slave shield. Upon learning that The Captain had recovered the device from near Arcturus, the Druuge attempt to regain it through trade (offering a full supply of fuel or the Rosy Sphere).