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Science Officer Bukowski is sent to investigate the ruins of the Androsynth on Eta Vulpeculae II. Having located an intact science center, he locks himself inside of the computer control cabin and begins investigating the logs. In the process, he grows gradually delirious, and begins ranting about the existence of "Them" — sinister extradimensional beings who could be alerted by simply knowing about them. After he severely damages the computers in the room in order to prevent anyone from finding out what he has learned, a badly injured Bukowski is relieved by Ensign Hawthorne. Interestingly, while writing the report, Hawthorne observes that Bukowski's cuts are now inexplicably worse than when he got him out of the control cabin; whether this is related to "Them" or is just the effect of Hawthorne being overexcited is unknown. Bukowski presumably recovers from his experience, as the number of crew members aboard the ship is unaffected.