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Starship Databank Entry

The Chenjesu Broodhome is made (or grown, as some speculate) using crystalline solids which allow the ship to hold up against significant punishment in combat. The Broodhome's colossal frame houses the means to rapidly fabricate and deploy combat support drones known as DOGIs. Once deployed, these drones are controlled via four protrusions on the forward hull which act as high-frequency resonators. The renowned might of this ship comes at the cost of mobility, of which the Broodhome has very little to speak. During the Ur-Quan Slave War, the Broodhome was the only Alliance ship that the Ur-Quan considered to be a meaningful threat to the Hierarchy forces.1


The Broodhome is the most cumbersome war ship of the present era. Although its top speed is high enough to overtake various other craft in an extended chase, this vessel's minimal acceleration and turn rate can make this quite difficult. Broodhome pilots must take every possible precaution to avoid drifting into planetary bodies during combat.



The Broodhome launches Photon Crystal Shards as its main weapon. These can be propelled over vast distances2 and explode with incredible force. Photon Crystal Shards have several limitations: their velocity is mediocre, only one may be present at a time, and no homing capability exists. Direct hits with this weapon are infrequent as one might expect. Fortunately, the shard has an alternate firing mode which is intended to turn near-misses into partial hits. Upon receiving the proper signal, a shard will detonate itself, hurling shrapnel out in many different directions. A direct hit from a full shard inflicts six damage, while each fragment of shrapnel inflicts two damage. A Broodhome cannot be harmed by its own ordnance.


The Chenjesu often rely on DOGI ("De-energizing Offensive Guided Interceptor") combat support drones. During battle, DOGIs will seek out an enemy ship and attempt to crash into it. DOGIs will avoid their designated target's forward firing arc so as to prolong their lifespan. A DOGI collision will inflict no damage, but rather drain ten points of energy. DOGIs also carry sufficient mass to alter an enemy ship's trajectory upon collision. A Broodhome must use up its entire energy capacity to bring a DOGI into combat, though it is usually worth the trouble. DOGIs have three hit points and are unfortunately quite vulnerable to friendly fire from Photon Crystal Shards. Only four DOGIs can be maintained at a time.

Tactical Overview

  • There are definite exceptions, but the Broodhome usually performs better when combat is fought over a distance. Traveling away from the enemy is therefore recommended during most engagements. The high firepower of this ship does allow it to hold its own in short range combat, but directly approaching an opponent means that the Broodhome's primary weapon will suffer a disadvantage from the Relativity Effect while the enemy will receive a benefit from it. The aggressive approach also leaves the Broodhome more vulnerable to flanking maneuvers.
  • The primary weapon can be used to flood a circular area in front of the Broodhome with shrapnel. To do this, rapidly tap the "Weapon" key. This is most useful against opponents which are attempting to flank the Broodhome. It also has some limited potential for shooting down incoming projectiles. The downside of this tactic is that it puts a great strain on the Broodhome's battery.
  • DOGIs vary in usefulness depending on what the Broodhome is up against. Certain ships will find DOGIs easy to avoid, while others are virtually guaranteed to be neutralized and subsequently destroyed because of them. DOGIs are only truly detrimental when they are deployed immediately before the enemy begins an assault on the Broodhome, leaving the Broodhome unable to fire its weapon at a critical moment. Bringing these into the fray is otherwise worthwhile.
  • When fighting against a Broodhome, there is one very important thing to keep in mind: DOGIs withdraw when your ship's front is pointed towards them. It is possible to ward off several DOGIs at once through clever steering, especially when controlling a ship with a fast turn rate.


Whole photon crystals are among the few weapons affected by planetary gravity. Shrapnel is not affected.

Notes and references

1Star Control manual, pg. 25.
2The Chmmr say that the Sa-Matra incinerated their Broodhomes from ten times the weapon range of their ships. They also say that the Sa-Matra was able to vaporize ships from the far end of a star system.
3DO Chenjesu Broodhome
Basic stats
Crew: 36 Value: 28 pts
Battery: 30 Batt. Regeneration: 0.2 units/frame
Primary: Photon Crystal Shard Secondary: DOGI
Refire delay: 0 frames Refire delay: 0 frames
Energy use: 5 units Energy use: 30 units
Max speed: 27 world units/frame Turn rate: 0.142 facings/frame
Acceleration: 0.6 units/frame Mass: 10