Braky Girdy the First

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Braky Girdy the First is the first Pkunk to become Queen of the Yehat Clans. This is an optional event that only occurs if The Captain incites the Yehat Rebellion.

Braky Girdy the First is one of the Pkunk, perhaps their leader, who made the decision to make peace with the Yehat. When they move to Yehat space, the Pkunk are absorbed by the Yehat, who would speak no more of the matter.

After the Yehat Rebels defeat the Yehat Royalists, Braky Girdy the First unites the Clans in peace and harmony as the Pkunk provide them with insights and counsel. Her first order as Queen is to form a combined fleet of Furies and Terminators, and provide reinforcements of four of each ship to The Captain in his climactic battle with the Sa-Matra.