Battle of Zeta Hyades

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Battle of Zeta Hyades

Alliance (Human) and Druuge ships
Duration single battle
Location Zeta Hyades VI-B in Utwig space
Result if Alliance decisive victory:
* Alliance forces capture the Utwig bomb
* state of war and no further trade between Druuge and Alliance
if Druuge decisive victory:
* the Death March will continue unchecked and all races will be exterminated, starting with Druuge.
New Alliance Druuge

Battle of Zeta Hyades is a non-canonical term for a brief conflict between New Alliance and Druuge forces at Zeta Hyades VI-B.

The Captain learns that he will need a Precursor bomb to attack the Sa-Matra. After repairing the Ultron for the Utwig, they reveal that such a bomb was located within their own space at Zeta Hyades VI-B (850.0 : 937.2). During trade relations with the Utwig, the Druuge had learned of the bomb and dispatched five Mauler ships to the planet to acquire the bomb for themselves.

The Flagship and its escort fleet arrive at the planet and engage the hitherto neutral Druuge forces. The bomb is the only weapon capable of destroying the Sa-Matra and is thus vital to the New Alliance if it is to succeed in the Final Mission.