Arilou (Origins)

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The Arilou are enigmatic aliens. Which have been observing Humans for some time. And seem to have a vested interest in humanity's survival.


The Arilou appear as the common portrayal of aliens in fiction, as greenish-grey colored humanoid figures. They also sport a pulsing crystal on their foreheads that glows when they speak, the exact function of this item, if there is one, is unknown.

They communicate without moving their mouths.

Their appearance is nothing more than a projection, how they really look is unknown.


Society and Culture

Nothing is known about how their society opperates.


Only Arilou ships have been observed in this corner of the galaxy. If they even inhabit planets is unknown. They claim that there isn't many of them left in "truespace".

Relations with other species

The Arilou prefer to remain hidden and rarely interact with other species.


They have met the Precursors and learned how to use some of their technology by observing them. Even so they do not consider themselves to be equal to the Precursors.


The Arilou consider the Scryve a threat to humanity, but beyond that do not seem interested in them.


Are Arilou are interested in the actions of Humans and desire their survival. Mostly by helping them from the shadows. Why they are interested in humanity is not known.


They know of the Lexites, but are uninterested in what they are doing.


Arilou Observer

The Arilou Observer is the only ship type seen deployed by these enigmatic beings. Its main weapon fires in all directions at once and the cloaking device allows it to hide from any ship that would attack it and to observe others undetected.