Alien Contact

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Alien Contact

The captain is the only human traveling outside the home solar system, so every every contact is an alien. Most aliens are not able to communicate with humans (only the Tywom and Arilou have learned our language that we know of). However, through the Tywom universal translator, many aliens will be able to communicate with us in real-time while some may only have their words transcribed while still others are simply impossible to communicate with. Each race of aliens occupy a cluster of stars near their homeworld, where the player must travel to and interact with for discussing important matters such as alliances and completing quests.

Alignment of Aliens

Some aliens such as the Scryve and their loyal subjects will attack us on sight, while others may be more friendly and open for potential alliances and trade. Most aliens are skeptical of the young and brash humans, so earning their trust will take some work. The motivations of aliens varies, some may be motivated by benevolence while others greed, and there many be difficulties in managing diplomacy between opposing aliens.

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