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Star Contol: Origins is both the fourth game in the Star Control franchise and a reboot of it. It is being developed by Stardock Entertainment for the PC Windows platform, with editions for XBox One and Playstation 4 to be released later.

The game is currently in development. A public Beta of its combat mode, "Fleet Battles", is scheduled for late 2017.


Star Control: Origins is an adventure game, in the same vein as Star Control II, which puts the player in command of Earth's prototype interstellar ship. The game features both hyperspace and solar system travel, with a third person lander mode for resource collection and exploration of planetary bodies. Combat between aliens is handled via a top down 2D arcade-style combat system dubbed "Fleet Battles" in which each ship has a range of attack powers and abilities. Fleet Battles is available as an external mode as well, with the additional option of allowing the player to design their own ships.


Star Control: Origins takes place in a whole new universe, with no direct connections to previous entries in the Star Control series. Humanity is contacted by a species of aliens known as the Tywom, who claim they have been protecting us from a sinister evil empire known as the Scryve, who claim domain over this region of the galaxy. As the player explores the immediate stars around earth they meet a wide cast of alien characters, and learn their histories, characteristics, and ongoing squabbles with their neighbors.

Fleet Battles

Fleet Battles is currently in beta.

The beta of Star Control: Origins unlocks the Fleet Battles feature in which players assemble ships in a fleet and engage in battle with fleets controlled by either the computer, humans via the Internet, or even friends sitting at the same PC.

The Fleet Battles beta also includes the Ship Crafting system, in which players can literally design their own ships to use in combat, then share them online. Players can also download ships designed by others to play with as well. Ship Crafting not only allows players to decide what weapons and defenses a ship has, but allows total control of how a ship looks.

Known Species

These are some of the species you may encounter in Star Control: Origins:

Historical Timeline

c. 250,000 BCE The Precursors appear on the galactic scene.
c. 200,000 BCE The Eternal Wars. Formation of Quasi-Degenerate worlds.
c. 25,000 BCE Drall Alliance formed with Taalo and Mael-Num
c. 22,500 BCE Taalo discover Ur-Quan
c. 22,000 BCE Discovery of the first Origin. Destruction of Drall Alliance. Disappearance of Ur-Quan to unknown space.
c. 20,000 BCE Rise of the Dnyarri Hegemony
c. 19,000 BCE Taalo flee known space.
c. 17,000 BCE Location of first Origin lost, arrival of the Xraki and domination by the Dnyarri.
c. 16,000 BCE Dnyarri begin breeding Xraki into different castes.
c. 15,000 BCE Dnyarri Hegemony spreads throughout the Orion Spur.
c. 11,000 BCE Rise of the Faction of Eight to contest the Dnyarri Hegemony
c. 9,000 BCE Dnyarri Hegemony falls, exiled to unknown region. Xraki disappear.
c. 8,000 BCE The Scryve are discovered by the Faction of Eight.
c. 7,500 BCE The Scryve overthrow the Faction of Eight. Survivors disperse to unknown parts.
c. 6,500 BCE The Measured discovered by the Scryve. Made wards of the Empire.
c. 4,000 BCE Discovery of the "contagion" which is engineered into a sentient virus by the Scryve.
c. 3,000 BCE The "Ancient One" enters this area of space seeking refuge. Scryve leave it alone.
c. 2,500 BCE Scryve begin discovering Precursor artifacts. An Origin is found allowing them to explore realities above and below their own.
c. 2,450 BCE Destruction of several major species. Scryve adopt new policies towards ward species, vowing to eliminate future threats before they fully develop.
c. 400 AD Drenkend discovered by the Scryve. Extensive genetic modifications commenced to forge them into creatures of war.
c. 1500 Tywom discovered by the Scryve. Made wards of the Empire.
1620 Menkmack discovered by Bylaw Enforcement officers of The Measured. Made wards of the Empire.
1825 Phamysht discovered by the Scryve. Made wards of the Empire.
1853 Overmind discovered by the Scryve. Made wards of the Empire.
1901 Precursor receiver on Ceres stops recording data.
1990 The Tywom discover and uplift a species called the Zalence.
1992 Scryve exterminate the Zalence, warn Tywom not to get "too curious" again.
2035 The Tywom pick up radio broadcasts from Earth. Become enthralled by human culture.
2046 Mowlings discovered by Scryve. Made wards of the Empire.
2047 Humans develop strong AI.  The technological singularity.
2048 Jeff enters this area of space.
2055 Race of strong AI beings develop on Earth, become known as the "Lexites".
2061 Scryve pass Act of Youthful Aggression, prohibiting any further addition of ward species to the Empire.
2079 Scryve detect Earthling broadcasts. Begins searching for origin point.
2081 Lexites depart Earth to Mars.
2085 Lexites departure from known space.
2086 Star Control formed to discover fate of the Lexites.
2086 Scryve 7th fleet is destroyed by an unknown force allowing the Tywom to warn Earth.