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Historical Timeline

300,000 BC

  • The era of the Precursors, lasting approximately 100,000 years. During this time, the Sa-Matra and the base on Vela 2 are presumably built. The Precursors also presumably make contact with the Slylandro at Beta Corvi 4.

233,000 BC

  • The first terraforming “biot” is engineered by the Precursors, presumably for the ecological modification of potential colonies. While the Precursor’s ecological preferences remain uncertain, it is known that the result of their terraforming techniques led to the upheaval and destruction of any target planet’s established ecosystems and natural environments due to the severe tectonic structural damage caused. The destruction of the Syreen homeworld by the Mycon in 2035 is one example of such catastrophic damage. It is suggested that the Mycon are the semi-sentient evolution of this terraforming biotechnology, having been abandoned for hundreds of thousands of years, eventually developing an extremely cryptic religion and culture of their own.

200,000 BC

  • Suddenly and abruptly, the Precursor civilization seemingly collapses and disappears from the galaxy.

21,000 BC

  • The Sentient Milieu is established and gradually establishes peaceful relationships throughout our galaxy. This group of species eventually includes seven races: Ur-Quan, Mael-Num, Drall, Faz, Taalo, Yuli, and Yuptar.
  • The Ur-Quan develop interplanetary travel and begin to explore nearby worlds in their star system. Their journeys and discoveries continue for over a thousand years as they slowly become the most powerful race in this coalition.

18,000 BC

  • The Dnyarri are discovered on an unknown world by the Ur-Quan. The susceptibility of the Ur-Quan brain to psychic coercion makes them fall to the malevolent compulsions of the Dnyarri. The technologically undeveloped Dnyarri psychically compel the Ur-Quan scouting party to beign transporting them off the surface of the Ur-Quan homeworld and delivering them throughout the regions of space occupied by the Sentient Milieu.
  • The successful hostile takeover of the Sentient Milieu occurs, resulting in a complete telepathic enslavement of the coalition that lasts nearly two millennia. The Dnyarri use their mental powers to do with the Milieu as they please, using the races as pawns against one another for their own cruel amusement. Several of the enslaved Milieu races – specifically, the Drall and Yuli – are considered inferior by the Dnyarri and destroyed by the other Milieu races, who are psychically forced to comply.
  • The sole exception to this enslavement were the Taalo, who proved to be the only Milieu race capable of resisting the psychic compulsion of the Dnyarri, perhaps due to their unique silicon-based biology. The Taalo worked effortlessly on a technology or device that could have conferred this ability to the other races of the Milieu, but were unable to finish it before the Dnyarri ordered their destruction at the hands of the Ur-Quan and Mael-Num, who mercilessly incinerate the Taalo homeworld at Delta Vulpeculae 2C. Despite this, several statements by both the Orz and Arilou seem to casually refer to the Taalo as though they are still alive and well, implying that they may still exist in some other reality. Speculation suggests that they may have survived by shifting into an alternate dimension just prior to the destruction of their homeworld.