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The Phamysht are a species of pleasant, well-mannered, extremely cannibalistic space monsters. Exceptionally creative, and with an unrivaled eye for design, the Phamysht were once warmly welcomed as ward members of the Scryve Empire, before their appetite-related downsides became more widely known. Now somewhat on the outs with their masters, few know what move the Phamysht have planned next.


Phamysht Vessel
The Phamysht's vessel is one of the most striking in the region, made up of three seemingly disconnected parts which, as in unison, form something unmistakably greater. A product of the Phamysht's famed midcentury modernist art movement, the vessel's clean lines also strike terror amongst the aliens throughout the stars for what they warn of: your imminent consumption by hungry monsters. Its primary fire, a high-heat laser, is capable of preparing its meals in situ, and is augmented by the Phamysht's feared Dinner Bell, a psychohalucinogenic compulsion felt by any affected aliens to jump overboard and float towards the Phamysht vessel. Any aliens so collected (and devoured) by the Phamysht immediately restore its health, rendering the otherwise fragile vessel surprising durability in extended fights.