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The Tywom are a species of generally friendly monopods, and one of the younger members of the Scryve Empire. Discovered by the Scryve and made ward species approximately 600 years before the events of Star Control: Origins, the Tywom have largely been avoided by the other ward species, due to their grating, clingy personality. Even the Scryve don't want much to do with them, leaving the Tywom some measure of freedom to explore and experiment, that the other aliens in the Empire don't always have.

Relationship with humanity

The Tywom have started picking up human radio broadcasts since 2038 and did their best to conceal them from the Scryve. By 2088, however, the Scryve have picked up the broadcasts as well and sent ships to Sol to investigate. Wymdoo was sent to stall them and was shot down.


The Tywom are able to repair their ships even if they are torn in half, provided they have both halves.


Tywom Science Vessel

The Tywom Science vessel is a mid-sized fast moving craft used by the Tywom in their endless pursuit of new friends. Although not officially armed, the Tywom's natural cleverness has left it equipped with a variety of high-energy scientific instruments, which can be exceedingly dangerous if used inappropriately, something the Tywom are naturally quite good at. In addition to this, the Tywom vessel is capable of deploying Drones with similar friend-making/destroying abilities.