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The Scryve are powerful six limbed beings, and the dominant species in this part of the Milky Way galaxy. And for some distance beyond, though none of the other known species are sure of the extents of their Empire, or even its duration. What is known is that for at least the past ten thousand years or so, the Scryve have been the major force in the area, sweeping up other alien species into their Empire willingly or not.

Current evidence suggests the Scryve Empire is beginning to fray at the edges. Various branches of it seem unsure what the others are doing, and their command over their ward species is not as irontight as their overbearing language might suggest.



A Scryve cruiser.

The Scryve cruiser serves as the background of the Scryve's navy, and main instrument of inflicting the Empire's will. Powerful and slow moving, the cruiser is armed with a main battle cannon, which although enormously powerful, prevents the cruiser from turning while firing, presenting an interesting tactical challenge for Scryve Legates. This limitation is somewhat compensated by the ship's flak cannons which can menace anyone who gets too close to the cruiser.