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The Menkmack are a fast-talking species known for being friendly, open, and completely untrustworthy. Although their habit of swindling every sapient being they come across would make them natural candidates for extermination by the Scryve, when the ruling Scryve Legate who discovered them found their antics amusing, they were incorporated into the Empire as jesters, and made to perform for their survival.

In recent years the Menkmack have become nomadic, seemingly abandoning their traditional territory and moving about the stars. The reasons for this are as of yet, unknown.


Menkmack Vessel

The Menkmack Negotiator is premised on the two core precepts of Menkmack civil life: 1) Explosions Are Funny, and 2) More Explosions Are Funnier. The vessel's primary ability deploys powerful mines, which upon detonation, are funny and also pretty dangerous. The ship's secondary ability calls in other Menkmack vessels to join the fun.